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Window of Time

Window Of Time synonyms - 19 Words and Phrases for Window Of Time. timeframe. n. amount of time. lapse of time. length of time. little bit of time. little more time. little time.

Answer (1 of 3): A window is a noun. Time is a noun. BUT I would say the words together, as a phrase, is about how much time there is, to get a job done. So I would say, ‘ a window of time ‘ is an adverbial phrase of TIME. Other experts may disagree. I hope there are lots of replies! ‘a win.

The phrase "window of time" suggests an opening (hence window) of limited duration during which something can be accomplished. For example, "Somebody dropped out of the course, so you better apply quickly, because my guess is you only have a three-day window of time." Similar to the phrase, "window of opportunity.".

Living in a window of time, choices will define the outcome. With the achievements of war comes a defiling sickness. Breeding the predators of time, stealing our future. Without a need for a cause.

Through the window of time, I saw how God took a little white block church that was hidden by trees and surrounded by mosquitoes and created something spectacular. Through the window to time, I saw how God took a place that stood in darkness, and brought it into the marvelous light. I .

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  1. As he is cleaning the basement in his new home, Ben Leeds climbs through a window and is transported back in time years. While being chased by a cranky old man and his dog, he meets Joseph Harner, and an instant friendship is formed, especially after Ben realizes that he is smack dab in the middle of preparations for the Battle of Gettysburg.5/5(4).

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