Wizard of oz slots

Wizard of oz slots

I have screen shots of everything. Contemplating deleting the game. I have stopped purchasing from the game because I feel why should I spend my money if I'm being cheated out of daily bonuses offered. One unhappy customer. The developer, Zynga Inc. The following data may be used to track you across apps and websites owned by other companies:. The following data may be collected and linked to your identity:. Privacy practices may vary, for example, based on the features you use or your age.

Learn More. With Family Sharing set up, up to six family members can use this app. App Store Preview. Screenshots iPhone iPad. Mar 29, Version Ratings and Reviews See All. App Privacy See Details.

Information Seller Zynga Inc. Size Category Games. Compatibility iPhone Requires iOS Languages English. Price Free. License Agreement. I play three of their slots and all three are running similar. All may be deleted soon. See all 3 reviews. Jul 23, By UrEvilNightmare. The game is stingy.

This is really a fun game to play. Iv been playing for a few years if not longer. The problem is this You have better odds of going to a casino and winning big than this game. The game eventually makes you spend more credits to progress further down to the next slot machine you eventually unlock Every 10 levels unlocks a new machine.

The higher you go the more credits you have to spend. Therefore when you get to higher levels you must spend billions to progress. For example: you bet million credits u have a big chance to win thousand. Free spins half the time will not reward you anything or give you less than your betting at that time. I would give this a 5 star review if the game would let you build credits instead of giving and then taking it all away.

Such a shame. Apr 2, By Kayla McCormick. Takes more than it gives! What a disappointment in a FREE game. I've also never gotten a jackpot and I've had this game for a long time. On a positive note, the graphics are amazing but that's all this game has going for it! Dec 2, By WA pool.

I started because my nephew literally sent it to me on the day he died, so I play it for sentimental reasons. And gotten less than 30 minutes combined worth of play off the purchase coins. Only cashing in 50 million to spend. Within 15 minutes 9 billion gone. Will this stop me from playing the game? But only because of the sentimental value it now holds for me.

But I promise you I will never spend another dime on this game. Not so great Great way to get people to invest in the company to spend on future developments.

It's fun, but you can't really take advantage of new slots. Oct 16, By fouchin. This app could easily rank five stars. It has great graphics, love the music.

The sound bites add that extra something. And you can level quite easily opening new machines. So you spend most of your time on the first few machines trying to build up credits in order to play the other machines. But it never seems to workout, so eventually you break and buy credits. But sooner or later those are gone too. If they tweaked the payout a bit allowing more play of the bigger machines, I would easily give it five stars and play all day.

See all 2 reviews. Mar 31, By Dave Enright. Enjoyable but still has quirks, prices are unreasonable and I stopped playing for a couple years and when I logged back in all of my coins over million, which is now billion in the new format where gone. One big negative is they gave billion coins in a reward as a mistake and then removed them. It was their mistake and they should be liable. The least they could of done is let players keep them. Not impressed how it was handled.

See all 1 reviews. And each new slot is more adorable than the one before it! I've been playing this for a while and to begin with, would receive bonuses and free spins but once you start spending money on the game, you can hang up winning anything.

The couple of good wins I've actually won, the game locked up and when I logged back in, the points weren't there. The rewards and daily bonuses are a joke! Load 10 More Loading Fun game Apr 8, By Marriednurses. Apr 8, By Mz on time. This game is great with lots of bonuses!!!

Blew me away! Apr 7, By Blueyedgirl This slot is so much fun. I want to keep playing just for the tornadoes! By Beddy by. Fabulous lots of wins beautifully done easy to understand loads of challenges and prizes. Apr 6, By nitromn. Great game. Love it! By roosterbean. Gives me something to do during this pandemic. Wizard of oz Apr 5, By Alien 2 billion. Wizard of Oz Apr 5, By Waff Fun game! Lots of action!! By grandmaliketowin.

Great Apr 5, Dec 13, By Barney Now about million after playing 30 minutes. These are for enjoyment and when one game seems to just want money, I find another game and dump the money one. Great Apr 8, By Loribea. Five stars!! I love the game but lost my progress when I switched phones.

Giving me options to mix the games up when I become bored. I have made progress on my new phone but find they must have updated the game or something, my free tokens only last a short time compared to other slot games. If I am going to spend real cash I am going on line where I can also win real money. Disappointed in the length of play on the free tokens compare to other slot games.

Colorful and Fun Slots App Oct 9, By ArleenC This slots app is very much like the Wizard of Oz machines found in casinos. The music is done well using some of the more popular songs from the movie. I have so much fun when playing this slots app. The developers provide you with a sufficient amount of coins to get you started and then offer hours coins — free of charge. If you manage your playing time well, you can build up enough coins so that you never have to make any in-app purchases.

Love the app Aug 29, By Bowhun!! But since I had a good experience I want to throw that out there. The app froze up on me, dummy me deleted it. I sent an email to customer support within 24 hours I had a response saying they were sorry and they gave me everything back to where I was at my current levels.

I thought that was pretty good customer service. Wizard of not Jul 12, By Chrisdjon. I have always enjoyed it. True to the story and movie ,it is enjoyable. However, in the past few months it has disintegrated into a game of buy everything to get ahead. Initially, I would play and win and lose, as in any casino game but usually I had an edge.

The new corporate has made it a buy or lose game. I never had so many advertisements to buy as I have recently. I play for fun. All time favorite game! Mar 29, By Lilrudy First of all I love the Wizard of Oz! My peeps laugh at me when my timer goes off! That is very frustrating. I have thought of quitting the game completely because it is time consuming when you get addicted to it.

Just my opinion. By someone else wins. When ever the game says your hot you might as well quit playing for that time frame. You win very little and usually no bonuses during that time. Also when you finally do get into a bonus at any time, you are fortunate to even win back your bet. I really like the graphics but the pay outs are very low most of the time and especially so when you are betting higher.

I just completed a survey discussing the low pay outs and then played Beautiful Bubble. I got 39 free games and only had one good payout.

I then got another free game with 14 free spins and barely got my , bet back. Case in point of low payouts when you bet higher.

I must be lucky Jun 17, By Tessa I read a lot of reviews and have not had similar troubles. I do appreciate that the rewards are bigger upon completion now, since it can take so many credits to win. I just updated app again Wizard of Oz Apr 7, By Dblreg Just does not seem fair to me.

Just wondering if anybody else is checking the stats on the leaders in the weekly clubs tournament. Replacement Device lost scratchers Aug 28, By Ninny Unfortunately, I had my device stolen that I played on and when I got the replacement device activated and linked up to my Game Center and linked to Facebook I was no longer part of the same League I had been and all my scratchers were gone that I accumulated- I had 27!

This seems not only unfortunate, but unfair - I earned them and was using as I needed credits and some of the challenges need to scratch a couple. How do I get those back? This seems wrong, I have no way to retrieve a stolen device. Why are my points disappearing!!!!!

Dec 11, By sc But lately something is very wrong. The other day I turned on my iPad to play this game and everything was fine at first, but then 5 billion points just disappeared! An hour later I went to play this game again and only had 47 thousand points.

So where are my points going? And why are they being taken from me? It would be greatly appreciated. What is going on? Now I only have a little over 8 thousand points left!! This is ridiculous. Starts out fun but rapidly outgrows its britches. Nov 25, By GamecockFan You follow the yellow brick road opening Slots and building your status. My name has flashed on the screen numerous times that I have won the jackpot, but I have not been awarded the coins.

They have not awarded me the coins once. And the screens are not like other slots that stop the screen when you win so that you can take a screenshot. Here, it flashes and then it is gone. So, you have no recourse. Now, I am having another problem and I cannot even access Customer Service.

The normal access is missing. So, I came to the Apple store. No access through here. So, start the game at your own risk. You go so far and it is no fun anymore. Way Too Much Nonsense Nov 6, By GenuineHeather. This used to be my favorite slot game on iOS. I played a lot, payed a lot, and reached level ! The slots themselves are still great. I love the variety of games, and the Wizard of Oz theme is really well done. Just getting to a game seems like it takes a dozen taps to get through all the crazy promotions.

If you can tolerate the sensory overload, the games are still terrific, and pay off better than many others in the App Store. As for me, however I rarely bother anymore. Unhappy player!! Sep 27, By TammyBridges. I have been a loyal player since the game came out. They tell me to uninstall then reinstall the game only to lose everything I worked for all the coins I earned and bought. Be careful everyone!!!!! Already contacted the Support with still no answers not unresolved solutions except be patient so Monday I will be contacting the BBB.

Fun, Addictive, Frustrating Dec 11, By xwinchestergalx. Better rewards than most slot games. I can never win high enough to explore the high roller games. And even if I do they never ever once have paid out a single coin. The higher I bet the less I win.

The graphics are great. The side games are fun. Just some little annoyances. By Christine Blanton. So sad they don't even read these reviews, they just hit some auto-response to make it look like they "care"! I've been playing this game as long as its been in the playstore.

Today i got a good look at what a piece of junk it really is. Zero stars! Thank goodness i have never put any money in this game. What would possess someone to pay money for a game thats free and you cant even possibly get a return. Truly idiotic! And serious gambling addiction! By Jaggs Zynga definitely makes sure the house wins. As soon as you get close to reaching a goal, you will find that you suddenly start losing.

I literally lost over 5 billion game tokens and never had one win - not even one that was lower than my bet. The games are buggy and conveniently freeze just as you get a jackpot. Several times I have had a machine hit on a big win, only to freeze for a second and then start up again and move off the win. I put up with all of it because I enjoyed playing the games until I had spent quite a bit of money trying to complete a challenge only to have it freeze and not issue a payout to me.

I submitted a ticket, but the company refused to offer any assistance. Fun to play but!! By Gwatkins Not as fun as it use to be.

They changed some things on the game. So I deleted the app. Super Spins coins. By Sjkyte. What a joke. For the most part it never goes above coins. If they were more consistent in their payouts I might just buy some. Adding to the amazing feature is the mobile-friendly version that you can play from anywhere, anytime. If you are looking for a slot machine to try out, then look no further than Wizard of Oz.

Look for a top gambling site and sing up to start enjoying the game. Mail: [email protected]. Michael Rodius has been a successful writer for over 6 is a world renowned Gambling and Gaming expert years and having excelled in magazines, papers and even in TV briefly, he found his ideal medium to be the internet because of its enormous scope and freedom.

As a gambling fan, Michael Rodius jumped at the opportunity to become the writer at quickhitsslots. He is currently the editor of the casino guides and reviews and host writer of quickhitsslots. Responsible Gambling. Terms and Conditions. If you are under 18 and gambling for money is banned in your country, play for free! Respect the laws of your state!

Sign Up. Wild Panda -. Buffalo -. Play now. Home All Games. Demo Play. Real Play. Video Overview. Play for money! Basic Features Wizard of Oz online game features a standard slot setup, with three rows and five reels. Game Symbols Wizard of Oz free slot machines theme is visible on the background, symbols, and reels.

How to Play the Game Before you can start following the yellow road with Dorothy, you will need to set your wagers. The Bonuses of the Game One great thing about most WMS-powered slot machines is their reputation for providing players with generous bonus features.

Below are more details about the bonus features: Oz Pick Feature This feature can provide you with some massive wins. Road to Emerald City Feature This is another feature where massive wins are possible. Slot Jackpots Apart from the fun bonuses on offer, the Wizard of Oz video slot machine comes with one of the most tempting jackpots out there.

Reasons to Play Wizzard of Oz Freeslots Designed and developed by WMS, one of the leading software developers, you can rest assured that the Wizard of Oz online video game is full of high-quality graphics, a variety of extras, and killer audio that will entertain you for several hours.

Final Thoughts With all the information above, you now know everything about the Wizard of Oz slot games. Players Comments. Michael Rodius. Introduction of Michael Rodius Age: 29 Born: Nov 3 in Malvern Address: 75 Patton Street, Malvern , AU Education: The University of British Columbia Mail: [email protected] Experience in casino reporter: 6 Job: Best Surveillance Operator in our team Michael Rodius has been a successful writer for over 6 is a world renowned Gambling and Gaming expert years and having excelled in magazines, papers and even in TV briefly, he found his ideal medium to be the internet because of its enormous scope and freedom.



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Nov 11,  · Wizard of Oz Slots is the only FREE Vegas style casino slot machine game from The Emerald City! Play new slot games with Dorothy, Scarecrow, Tin Man and the Cowardly Lion as they travel the Yellow Brick Road to see the Wizard of Oz. Relive the classic movie and win HUGE PAYOUTS with FREE SPINS and MEGA WILDS in all-new casino slot machines/5(K).

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